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Accountability is The Answer!

How have businesses around the world attained key organizational goals, such as significantly increased revenues and reduced costs, by changing the way individuals work at every level? After consistently failing to achieve desired results, what did organizations do differently to achieve break-through success? How can you bring this level of success to your organization based on a single principle?

In all cases, the answer is the same: Creating A Culture Of Accountability.®

When individuals and organizations embrace accountability as the basic principle behind all of their actions and decisions, they achieve levels of growth, profitability and shareholder returns that were previously beyond their reach.

Accountability Training,® created by New York Times Bestselling authors Roger Connors and Thomas Smith, is a program for developing leaders and achieving key results based on the Three Tracks to Creating Greater Accountability:® Self TrackTM, Culture Track TM and Others TrackTM.

Partners In Leadership® (PIL), the world’s premier provider of Accountability Training services, has a proven successful track record in creating rapid culture change and greater accountability at every level of the organization. They have trained millions of people working in more than 50 countries, including nearly half of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Fortune 50 largest companies. Their clients utilize the Accountability Training principles to achieve key organizational objectives, such as increasing revenues and profitability, reducing costs and successfully implementing major organizational initiatives. Results have been dramatic and record-breaking.

DOOR is the Exclusive Authorized Representative for Partners In Leadership in CANADA. DOOR International provides Accountability Training and consulting services through its franchise network in Asia, EMEA, Oceania and the Americas outside of the United States. Multinational organizations may now work with an Accountability Training provider locally. Customized workshops in accountability, coaching and consulting services are available through DOOR International’s staff, who are knowledgeable about local issues and work closely with clients to understand the unique circumstances they face.

Using the Accountability Training curriculum, DOOR International helps people at all levels to create greater accountability for results in their organizations and on their teams. Founded on decades of research, the Partners In Leadership Accountability Training focuses on three innovative training tracks

The Self TrackTM Training
Enables people to rise above their circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve key results. (download brochure)

The Culture TrackTM Training
Accelerates the transition to a Culture of Accountability where people at every level of the organization think and act in the manner necessary to achieve key organizational results. (download brochure)

The Others TrackTM Training
Teaches people to effectively hold others accountable for results in a positive, principled way so that they successfully deliver on expectations. (download brochure)

For inquiries regarding Three Tracks to Creating Greater Accountability, for multinational companies or partnering opportunities, please contact:

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