Accelerating Culture Change

Accelerating Culture Change

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Tom Smith, Co-Founder, Bestselling Author of Change The Culture, Change The Game, introduces The Results Pyramid. The Results Pyramid presents how the three essential components of organizational culture work in harmony with each other to achieve results.

In a world where being first means everything, accelerating the change process has become essential to getting business results. Believe it or not, you can create culture change in time to improve your organization’s current key business results. The Partners In Leadership Culture TrackTM shows you precisely how to do that.

Do you need to make some shifts in the way people think and act in your culture? Most companies do. These shifts may be necessary because of a need for improved performance or in anticipation, or sometimes in reaction, to a change in the business environment. Whatever the case may be, The Results Pyramid model will help you clearly understand and communicate what you need to do each time you need to effect change.

This diagram depicts the needed shift in the results, from R1, the results you are currently getting, to R2, the desired results you need to achieve. C1 is your current culture that produces your current results, R1. Remember, by definition, your culture produces your results. You can’t expect the current culture, C1, to produce R2 results. It simply won’t work. Instead, you have to shift the actions, beliefs and experiences people are having and create C2.


Either you will manage your culture, or it will manage you. Simply stated, organizational culture is the way people think and act. Every organization has a culture, which either works for you or against you; and it can make the difference between success and failure. Managing the organizational culture so that leaders, managers, team members, and employees think and act in the manner necessary to achieve desired results has never mattered more. Doing it well is not an option; it’s a necessity. Optimizing the culture should command your attention every bit as much as your effort to achieve performance improvements in manufacturing, R&D, sales, and every other organizational discipline.

Executive Comments

Ginger Graham, former CEO for Amylin Pharmaceuticals and senior lecturer of business administration at Harvard Business School, talks about using the Culture Track to accelerate culture change

Fred McCoy, former CEO Guidant Corp., tells the CPI/Guidant Culture Change Story.


“The principles provided use a common language and a catalyst for the needed changed in our corporate culture. Accountability became the underlying foundation for our company vision, shared values, and success factors.”

John W. Isbell, Director, Training & Development, IHOP

“We have made good progress by taking several important first steps to building this Culture of Accountability. We have made customer focus an essential part of our thinking…it is more than just talk…it is a real part of the way we do business day-to-day.”

Debbie Bianucci, President & CEO, BAI

“Our board members gained a much richer understanding of how we are changing our culture in order to move Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan from good to great.”

Daniel J. Loepp, President & CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“The Partners In Leadership Cultural Transition Process is having powerful impact on our ability to create rapid cultural transition in the midst of a highly competitive and ever-evolving marketplace. The PIL process is unique and is made powerful by the clarity and simplicity of its models.”

Rock Arkie, Executive Vice President, Marconi Services, America

“The tools introduced by Connors and Smith provide a road map that will guide an organization through the transition that is essential to achieving desired results. Our firsthand experience with the application of these tools has proven to me that these concepts will accelerate culture change.”

Joanne Bauer, President, Health Care, Kimberly-Clark Corp

“Change the Culture, Change the Game provides the methodology and approach every leader must master in order to achieve a culture based on accountability and focused on achieving key results. A must-read for every team, interested in ensuring that they deliver and perform at the top of their game.”

Paul J. Byrne, President, Precor Incorporated