Workshop Description

Workshop Description

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Marcus Nicolls, Senior Vice President, Business Unit President, introduces the Culture TrackTM Training Workshop. This workshop utilizes the Partners In Leadership’s proprietary process for creating alignment around the culture you need to create.


To accelerate the transition to a Culture Of Accountability where people at every level of the organization think and act in the manner necessary to achieve Key Organizational Results.


  • Apply The Results Pyramid® to accelerate change in the organizational culture and create a Culture Of Accountability.
  • Increase the leadership effectiveness of the management team in leading the Cultural Transition Process.®
  • Assess the widely held existing beliefs and past experiences, which provide the basis for the current culture.
  • Develop both individual and organizational capability in implementing the key Culture Management tools essential to accelerating change.
  • Implement Focused Feedback® throughout the organization as a vehicle for personal improvement in living the new culture.
  • Identify and implement the Cultural Beliefs® needed to create the desired changes in the current culture.
  • Align the organization around the Key Organizational Results.
  • Create greater individual and organizational accountability for results using the Steps To Accountability.®

Executive Comments

Todd Pope, President of TransEnterix, Inc., talks about the Culture Track Workshop

“The Culture Track workshops are used to create alignment throughout the organization around the Key Organizational Results that the culture needs to produce, as well as the shifts needed in the way people at every level need to think and act in the culture to achieve those results. Participants experience Partners In Leadership’s proprietary and proven process for defining their desired management culture in the context of Cultural Beliefs, and practice and apply the proven Culture Management Tools that bring the Cultural Beliefs to life and accelerate change.

Partners In Leadership brings vast experience in tailoring the training content and delivery of this one-day workshop to meet the specific needs of front-line workers, unionized workforces, challenging work environment schedules, the distinctive characteristics of an hourly workforce, retail stores locations, geographically dispersed employee bases, unique organizational structures, as well as most any other client workforce requirement.

Executive Comments

Patrick Droesch, President and COO of Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon talks about the Culture Track Workshop.

Hany Massarany, President and CEO of GenMark Diagnostics talks about developing Culture in his organization.

Participant talks about the Culture Track Workshop

Dirk Soensken, Founder of Aperio Technologies, Inc. talks about the impact of getting aligned around the Key Results


Here are the culture management skills leaders must own. Each of these are addressed in The New York Times Bestselling No. 1 Leadership book Change The Culture, Change The Game.®

Culture change must be led. Line leaders cannot delegate the initiative to anyone else. While many organizational functions play important roles, the senior leadership team simply must maintain ownership of the process and lead the culture change at every level of the organization, ensuring that the change effort is prioritized correctly at the top of every management team agenda. To bring about the desired culture and results, leaders must take personal ownership of the implementation of each of the cultural transition best practices throughout the organization.

Many leaders will be doing some of these things for the first time in their careers. While skill building is always necessary for leaders to be most effective in the cultural transition, the speed at which culture change needs to occur does not usually allow for the luxury of building capability before leaders begin the process. Consequently, building skills to increase leadership proficiency in applying all of the best practices must occur in real time, simultaneously with the implementation of the cultural transition.

The coaching of leaders must commence in parallel with the change effort, and it must be implemented in the proper sequence so that they are developing, practicing, and applying the culture management leadership skills as they move forward with the Culture of Accountability process. The Partners In Leadership Culture TrackTM provides the training, planning, and coaching needed to help leaders perfect their ability to implement the C2 best practices and accelerate the culture change.

The Culture Track Training Workshop begins with the Developing Cultural Beliefs workshop for the senior management team and then extends to other management levels and the front-line workforce with the present the Cultural Beliefs Workshop. These workshops engage people at every level or the organization in the process of creating and sustaining the needed culture change.


Partners In Leadership Executive Facilitators conduct the Culture Of Accountability Process Workshops using an interactive and engaging methodology that helps participants experience the results-producing power of the models and methods introduced in The New York Times Culture WorkshopBestselling book Change the Culture, Change the Game. Workshop participants receive:

  • A copy of The New York Times Bestselling book, Change the Culture, Change the Game
  • The Culture Of Accountability Process Workbook
  • The Results Pyramid 8.5×11 Wall Chart
  • The Steps To Accountability 8.5×11 Wall Chart
  • Focused Recognition Cards
  • Focused Feedback Scorecard

“We rarely use consultants at CPI and have chosen to work with only three during my tenure as COO; a regulatory law consultant, a sales force compensation consultant and Partners In Leadership. These consulting relationships are ongoing and continue because of our level of trust created by a significant history of results. Partners In Leadership services are not inexpensive and CPI budgets are tight, but given the extent to which they are helping us change our culture, we’ve chosen to cut other expenses to finance the inclusion of Partners In Leadership training.”

David Schlotterbeck, President & CEO
Alaris Medical Systems

“The Oz Principle is an incredible book that more than any other book of its time, exemplifies the values needed to achieve results. I have purchased this book for every operator, franchisee, and corporate team member and asked them to fully embrace its view of accountability.”

Jay Graff, Former President & COO,
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

“I am a believer in accountability at all levels in the organization. Through your training, we learned the importance of reinforcing the Culture of Accountability and making it a way of life.”

Jim Mazzo, Chairman & CEO
Advanced Medical Optics

“Orbital TMS began the Cultural Transition Process with a two-day event where my entire staff was introduced, trained, and certified as Partners In Leadership facilitators. What a process! The material and practical exercises led each of us to evaluate ourselves individually, as well as how we related to each other. We followed the two- day event with the personal training of every TMS employee. Seven months later we are a different organization. The organizational boundaries that prohibited our progress are gone. The indifference to one another’s problems has been replaced with cross-functional ownership. The disparate view of how TMS works has been replaced with a set of TMS specific beliefs that guides our actions. And, most importantly, we are aligned to hit our goals. I’ve never looked back at my investment in your process. It has yielded a significant return.”

David L. Mathisen, President,
Orbital Transportation

“Partners In Leadership was always professional, dedicated, and well-prepared to answer our questions. The training coached us on Creating A Culture Of Accountability and today, we are rolling it out. I would certainly recommend Partners In Leadership to any organization willing to take the steps to accountability and to drive towards achieving the desired results.”

Marlou Janssen, Biotronik

“Since implementing the training, communication has improved dramatically and people are stepping and owning problems and their solutions. Partners In Leadership’s simple and easy-to-integrate culture management tools have become part of our everyday organizational processes and have created a very simple, yet effective, training which produces outstanding results!”

Joe H. Hohner, Senior Vice President & CIO,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“These tools have certainly helped us to evolve our culture to one of a “Culture of Accountability”

Donald Sheldon, Vice President,
Tyco Healthcare

“Creating A Culture Of Accountability has not been easy but it’s become more rewarding every day in more ways than we can measure. Our sales, profits, earnings per share, stock prices, team member surveys, guest surveys and most importantly our organizational health are all improving and continue to move in a positive direction despite a challenging U.S. Economy.”

Douglas H. Brooks, President and Chief Executive Officer
Brinker International