Self Track Description

Self Track Description

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Tony Bridwell introduces you to the Self Track Training. Partners In Leadership is the premier provider of Accountability Training services around the world.


The Taking Personal Accountability Track Training is based on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Bestselling book, The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual And Organizational Accountability.

The Taking Personal Accountability Track Training Workshop focuses on a simple yet powerful model: The Steps To Accountability®. This model is the basis of the training that participants will readily put to use in their daily work by learning how to operate Above The Line and ask the Solve It® question. During the workshop, accountability for key organizational results is tied directly to individual work objectives and participants learn how they can consistently See It, Own It, Solve It and Do It.


Take the next step with the thought leaders and experts on workplace accountability and culture change by being certified through Partners In Leadership’s Professional Accreditation Certification program.


Ranked year after year as one of the Top Five Bestselling business books in the “Leadership” and “Performance” categories, The Oz Principle has become the classic text for workplace accountability. Using the Steps To Accountability as the centerpiece of The Taking Personal Accountability Track Training, Partners In Leadership shows how to create greater individual and organizational accountability by moving Above The Line.

Accountability begins by clearly defining results. If the results people need to achieve are unclear, then positive accountability will be hard to achieve, if not impossible. This may seem like common sense, but our experience has shown it is not common practice. In our research, surprisingly 9 out of 10 leadership teams cannot give a consistently aligned answer between team members as to the top three key results the team needs to achieve. They always have a general idea, but are often unable to provide the details. Accountability begins by clearly defining results. A clear definition of results, one that everyone throughout the entire organization can understand and repeat, is essential to getting your accountability system to work.

Executive Comments

Ken Buchanan, Exec VP Dallas/Fort Worth Intl Airport discusses how to use the training to get people to live and breathe their mission (View Ken’s bio).

Wes Stockman, Director of Organizational Development, explains how they use the Accountability Training to get double digit growth.

In a leadership workshop, we asked the European management team of a large pharmaceutical company we worked with to tell us what the top result they needed to achieve. They told us it was “BUC,” which stood for Business Unit Contribution. We asked the team, “What’s the number?” Everyone went silent. No one wanted to say what it was. We asked them to write down the number on a piece of paper and pass it to the CFO in the back of the room. There was a $300 million dollar variance between the high number and the low number; and that was the senior management team! You can’t hold either yourself or others accountable for unclear results. Well, you can; but it will destroy morale and stop your progress. Accountability begins by clearly defining results and that always yields alignment, engagement and achievement. The Taking Personal Accountability Track Training will give you the models, tools and methods that you need to close the Accountability Gap that exist between what you need people doing to achieve results and what they are doing. Closing the Accountability Gap creates a Culture of Accountability where people operate Above The Line and take greater personal accountability for achieving key organizational results.


“The language of Oz became part of the EMT (Emergency Medical Treatment) lexicon. Soldiers were often overheard saying he’s not taking ownership of this situation or that’s clearly “Below The Line.” Though at times it was tongue-in-cheek, it demonstrated that they understood and were capable of implementing the principles of organizational accountability. I felt very proud every time I heard one of those comments.”

Daniel B. Thompson, MAJ, AN, OIC, EMT, 325th Combat Support Hospital

“As a company, we have seen a paradigm shift in how we think and act. The content of The Oz Principle Accountability Training is easy to understand and execute with your teams.”

Jeff Collins, Director of Leadership Development, Arby’s Restaurant Group

“We found the insights and tools provided in the sessions to be very valuable and applicable to our business. It was so effective, I am confident that we will integrate “The Oz Principle” into our day-to-day business.”

Deborah L. Bianucci, President & CEO, BAI

“It’s harder that it looks: many leaders struggle to hold people accountable. Being individually accountable is not sufficient if you want to lead organizations; you must find a way to hold others accountable while engaging their hearts and minds to deliver real results. Partners In Leadership delivers specific and practical advice to do just that.”

Ginger Graham, Former CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc

“Partners In Leadership has the answer. They have taken a most difficult subject-that is creating greater accountability-and have made it understandable and achievable. Having read their books, attended their workshops, and put into practice their tools and techniques I can attest to the fact that what they are saying really works.”

Joe Hohner, SVP, Chief of Staff and CIO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“Partners In Leadership has done it again! They provide a tool-kit for holding people accountable in a way that builds trust and loyalty, creating a competitive advantage at a time when “accountability” is more important than ever before!”

David Brandon, Chairman- CEO, Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

“Partners In Leadership addresses the missing piece of the equation for improved results and profitability: holding people accountable for results in a positive, principled way. Accountability is the cornerstone of any successful culture and continues to be for ours.”

Paul J. Byrne, President, Precor

“Partners In Leadership provides both the content and the methodology of accountability that is aligned with delivering sustained long term results in a positive and principled way.”

Steven Marshall, Chairman- CEO, Rexall PharmaPlus

“Our employees have become much more engaged in our activities, before perhaps, waiting to be told what to do now they understand not only what to do but are looking for ways to take our efforts to the next level-we find very often now associates asking “what else can I do?” to accomplish our key results.”

John Gardynik, President & CEO, RX America

“…any corporations overlook their greatest competitive advantage- their people. Partners In Leadership does an artful job of turning the complex task of managing people to achieve results into simple concepts and models that anyone can follow–best of all, their approach is positive and principled.”

Danny P. Harris, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, OGE Energy Corp.

“The program has become a critical element in helping to transform our entire organization. It is promoting behavior conducive to our desired culture and is helping to increase ownership and accountability at all levels of the organization. The Oz Principle is now required training for all of our new associates.”

Alfred O. Enagbare, Ph. D, Vice President, Novartis

“The wisdom of The Oz Principle can applied to any organization, business, or group of people. It is basic, yet profound. It is entertaining, yet educational. It is applicable on both a personal and a professional level.”

Donald A. Verleur, CEO, Olive Crest

“I would highly recommend “The Oz Principle” to any business that truly wants to improve performance. It definitely works!”

J. Ronald Frump, Sr. Vice President & COO, Schwan’s Home Service East

“Management today is more complex than ever, and the literature is full of techniques with many gimmicks. The Oz Principle is so fundamental, and easily understood, that I believe it can have a positive impact in any organization. I will continue to encourage its application in every organization with which I am affiliated.”

Mike Eagle, Vice President, Eli Lilly & Co.