Workshop Description

Workshop Description

Video Overview

Marcus Nicolls, Senior Vice President, Business Unit President, introduces the Self TrackTM Training Workshop (view Marcus’s bio). This Accountability Training workshop is based on The New York Times Bestselling Leadership book, The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability.


To help workshop participants learn how to take greater personal accountability for achieving key organizational results in spite of difficult circumstances and challenging obstacles.


  • Clarify the Key Organizational Results and align people’s daily work objectives with those results.
  • Introduce a positive approach to creating greater accountability throughout the organization.
  • Create greater ownership for achieving the Key Results by using the Steps To Accountability.

Executive Comments

Dr.John Langley, VP and Chief Medical Officer, talks about his experience in the Self Track Workshop.

The Taking Personal Accountability Track Training Workshop consists of five training modules, typically delivered in a one-day format. Partners In Leadership Executive Facilitators use enhanced learning methodologies to deliver the training in a way that accelerates implementation and improves sustained application, including:

  • Interactive Exercises
  • Team Application Sessions
  • Small and Large Group Debriefs
  • The 5-D’s® Fast Training Model


Partners In Leadership Executive Facilitators begin this workshop by introducing The Oz Principle and how it has benefited thousands of clients worldwide. They introduce a new, positive view of accountability that is empowering and motivating. Throughout the workshop, the principles of positive accountability are applied to Key Organizational Results. Participants also learn how to use the popular Results Pyramid model to create a Culture of Accountability.


A highlight of the workshop is the Accountability Feedback Process® exercise where participants learn how to seek and offer feedback that is focused around the Steps To Accountability. Here, participants actually practice giving feedback in real exchanges that help them take the See It step, the first step Above The Line. In our experience, accountable people constantly seek feedback from a wide range of associates, business partners, customers, service providers and vendors. It is impossible to create an accountable organization or team without the benefit of candid, timely feedback. Accountable people seek feedback and feedback creates accountable people. Learning how to seek and offer this feedback around the Steps To Accountability is a central part of the Accountability Training.

Executive Comments

Ginger Graham, former CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals talks about using the Accountability Feedback Process (View Ginger’s bio).

Training participants talk about the importance and value of the Accountability Feedback Process

Feedback played an important role in the process for Precor.


Partners In Leadership Executive Facilitators conduct the high-impact training using an interactive and engaging methodology that helps participants experience the results-producing power of The Oz Workshop MaterialsPrinciple. Workshop participants will receive:

  • A copy of The New York Times Bestselling book, The Oz Principle
  • The Oz Principle Accountability Training Workbook
  • Steps To Accountability Pocket Card
  • LIFT Coaching Pocket Card
  • Focused Feedback Scorecard
  • Above The Line Flash Card
  • Subscription to, the industry’s first online guided tutorial for training implementation.

“The concept of accountability is such a simple one, yet the heightened awareness that Oz training created has left a powerful impact. I would highly recommend the training and the entire Oz concept to any organization that needs to make its members more accountable for results.”

Linda Evans, CFO, Strottman International Inc.

“The numerous accountability training sessions we have implemented at Unisource, via Partners In Leadership’s Oz Principle curriculum, have been extremely well-received by our employees.”

Jill E. Pennington, Training and Development Manager, Unisource Northeast

“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how impressed we are with the impact of The Oz Principle workshop. We work more effectively, with a stronger and more efficient emphasis on problem solving.”

Maggi Boyer, Director, Advanta

“Your presentation style and delivery were exceptions. I pass that on to you not in a patronizing way, but from the point of view that I have been introduce and exposed to hundreds of facilitators, all speaking about management skills, culture changes, improvement in productivity and the value of team concepts and approaches versus individual initiatives.”

Theodore D. Carl, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ADP Securities Industry Software

“Rarely does one get involved in a project such as this that is not swayed by changing philosophies or leadership. This is not to say that the program is inflexible; but rather, that as a clear, logical and corporately aligning exercise, it is inherently dynamic. We are as excited as the first day we began our journey to continue to offer this program to employees…”

Joseph A. Yahner, President & HR, Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

“We implemented The Oz Principle throughout the entire organization and the results were outstanding, from a sales standpoint, but even more importantly, from a cultural standpoint. Accountability increased at all levels, and feedback became the norm rather than the exception.”

Dick Reggio, Group Vice President, Sales, Pfizer, Inc

“This Accountability training was the single best program I have seen in my career, and I usually hate this stuff. In a very simple and efficient way, Partners In Leadership was great at helping us break down silos, get people communicating appropriately and focus everyone on results. I plan to use them wherever I go as a leader.”

John Gardynik, President, RX America

“Accountability is the elusive Holy Grail of an organizations ability to build an enduring, results- oriented culture. Partners In Leadership clearly outlines the path to accountability, with an added emphasis on making a difference in a positive way. We will place these tools in the hands of all leaders throughout our organization.”

Michael Lippert, Chief Operation Officer, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.

“Partners In Leadership introduced useful tools, important strategies and cultural considerations that increased our ownership and accountability behavior in a positive principled way, remaining focused on what managers and leaders are responsible for: sustained delivery results.”

John P. McGrath, Ph. D, Corporate Vice President, Edwards Life Sciences LLC (Publicity)

“The Oz Principle training fit what we were looking for. Immediately we were able to focus the entire corporation on key results as defined by the management team.”

Gary Brown, CFO/VP Operations, Ogio

“We have found the Oz training to be well-designed, well-facilitated and well worth the investment. It has provided our executives with needed guidance and clarity to focus and advance our results-oriented culture.”

Richard N. Dreiman, President & CEO, Chemonics International

“I have had dozens of courses and seminars in my career, but only two of them really ‘Clicked’; one was Oz. I became a believer instantly.”

Tom Madsen, Region Director of Finance, Clorox

“Individuals have embraced the concept of giving and receiving focused feedback. The workshop taught our employees that receiving feedback doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Thank you for sharing your vision of accountability with the world through The Oz Principle.”

Bill Persch, President, Demag

“Over the past 20 years, I have participated in countless training seminars. The Accountability Training from Partners In Leadership is the first program I’ve experiences with actionable content and tools that the team was able to use immediately and over time.”

Leaster Boeh, Vice President of Emerging Business, Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

“We tried for several years to make some basic changes and just couldn’t get there. We finally internalized the concept of the accountability process as defined in The Oz Principle. It has really turned us around in the direction we wanted and we’re now making the progress we’ve been trying to make for years.”

Bill Smith, Executive Director, Eli Lilly & Co.

“The Oz Principle for us is a practical, understandable, friendly, and basic tool that illustrates how to take charge of our own actions. The didactic materials are simple yet very useful and powerful.”

Alejandro Bustamante, President, Plantronics