Communication & Teamwork

Communication & Teamwork

How would you rate your ability to communicate? Would you like to improve? How will you know when you have achieved what you wish for?

Our Approach

The way you interact with others can be the key to your workplace success. Communicating under pressure, managing challenging relationships or looking to build lasting rapport, your style and interpersonal skill can make or break your chances of being effective. In this program you learn how to capitalize on your existing skills, fine-tune your approach and build a strategies for communication with real impact. Everything we do is participative and interactive. There will be work in pairs, small group work, processes and exercises designed to stimulate, challenge and develop your knowledge and skills. There is even some fun!


  • Four Communication Styles
  • Murder Mystery

Training Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Improve your communication skills with different kinds of people and in different situations
  2. Reduce problems with communication, particularly in relation to clarity, summarizing & checking, appreciating the style of others and following-up
  3. Understand the importance teamwork, and play your part in improving it
  4. Understand different team roles, and how to apply them
  5. Develop more effective team-working, which means helping you, your colleagues and your customers


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