Dialogue WORKS

Dialogue WORKS

Learn the communication skills that foster collaboration, increase engagement, create accountability and achieve results. This program provides you with the principles, models, and skills you need to hold REAL conversations that address the difficult issues we all must face if we want to achieve results. You will learn how to create and hold conversations that are clear, honest, and collaborative in an atmosphere of safety and respect. The way we communicate and treat others impacts every aspect of our personal and professional lives

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Do you or people in your organization struggle personally or professionally with the following conversational challenges?
  • Lack of clarity about specific expectations
  • Frustration arising out of broken commitments, poor execution, or non-existent accountability
  • Never-ending meetings that lack focus and clear and precise executable outcomes
  • Failure to tell the truth about issues that impact quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction
  • Lack of collaboration among team members and across department lines
  • Inability to understand and resolve conflict, create alignment, or make quality decisions
  • Culture based on a “fear of the consequences,” “deference to authority,” or “us versus them” mentality
  • Stressed or strained relationships leading to distrust and disrespect
If such results are the rulerather than the exception, we can help.

DialogueWORKS—The Interpersonal Communication Program

The ability to engage in spirited and healthy dialogue is the foundation of individual and organizational effectiveness. Conversations that achieve results encompass four essential skills for holding any difficult conversation: Recognizing and Suspending, Expressing, Asking and Listening and Attending. The combination of these skills creates the four phases of the DialogueWORKS Process that become the framework for holding any difficult conversation.

Key Objectives

While many conversations courses deal only with a recipe for sharing “undiscussables” or providing constructive feedback, you can expect this training to increase awareness and to develop applicable, practical skills to:
  • Detect deteriorating conversations that may be reversed and improved.
  • Improve collaboration, alignment, and accountability.
  • Strengthen relationships by improving respect and trust
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Heighten learning and discovery resulting in improved problem solving, decision making and innovation.
  • Improve teamwork and support in execution.
  • Foster change that drives results.

Learning Process

Who Should Attend?

Leaders at all levels of the organization will benefit. Any individual contributor who is interested in enhancing his or her conversation skills within the realm of personal or professional responsibilities will benefit from the course.

Course Length

2 days (or as customized with the client).

Resources: Brochures, Research, White Papers