Decision Making & Problem Solving

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Is problem solving a key part of your job?
Want to explore different option in solving those problems?

Target Group

In our fast paced reality, we are constantly challenged with the need to make decisions. Some are targeted at solving problems, while others are aimed at preventing them. Our ability to prevent a situation from deteriorating into a complex problem depends on our understanding of the issue at hand, and on our ability to choose the appropriate response. This training is open to all employees who want to ensure that work activities run efficiently by making decisions and handling functional problems effectively.


This training program focuses on improving your problem solving and decision-making competence. As these processes often happen very quickly, you will learn how to break the process down into stages, practice each individual stage and end it by putting them all together.


  • Enhancing the ability to recognize business problems that need to be addressed.
  • Identifying and practicing evaluation options for making decisions
  • Reducing the time required to take business decisions and resolve problems
  • Involving multiple stakeholders in addressing business problems
  • Enabling effective decision-making

Training Objectives

  1. Enable participants to recognize and resolve business problems.
  2. Raising the participants level of capability to make decisions either autonomously or collaboratively
  3. Provide an understanding of the different techniques for addressing problem solving challenges
  4. Helping to identify, resolve and process problems
  5. Enable participants to exercise their choices effectively


One Day