TOP Manager

TOP Manager

Help managers upgrade their 5 Management Zones approaches and skills. Make sure they take full advantage of the potential of their teams and market conditions for building the company’s value.

5 Management Zones

The TOP Manager training program develops managerial skills in 5 areas identified in DOOR Group surveys as of key importance to the effectiveness of managers and the teams they manage. These same surveys show that managers’ skills in each of the analyzed areas are rated negatively by 60 percent of their supervisors and staff. (DOOR Group research)

Me Zone

or the ability to manage oneself. Managers who are unable to manage themselves are unable to manage others. Successful managers start with themselves.

Planning Zone

or the ability to decide what the team should deal with to achieve the desired results. 20% of the right kind of action ensures that 80% of set goals are achieved.

Organization Zone

or the ability to merge individual parts into an ordered whole. Excellence does not have to consist of excellent constituent parts.

Motivation Zone

or the ability to release human potential and develop their knowledge, abilities and character.

Implementation Zone

or the ability to make plans happen and bring things to a successful conclusion. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs

Why should you attend the training?

The training helps managers

  • identify and abandon ineffective managerial habits,
  • the skills to ensure effective management,
  • companies improve business results through the implementation of best management practices,
  • develop a sense of responsibility for the results of the team,
  • shape a positive approach in the management process, which involves the development of the organization by developing the strengths of the team,
  • learn 19 useful tools, such as the Reflected Best Self ™ (RBS), Core Competency Quadrant (CCQ), smarter, Model 20 / 60/-20, which will support them in their management.

The training lasts for 4 days, and is divided into two two-day sessions. The second session takes at least 4 weeks after the first.