Transformational Improvement in Performance!

Posted by in Blog and News, on January 21, 2017

Transformational Improvement in Performance!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be on a conference call between a local energy services company and a US client (a nuclear power company) for our Oz Principle (Self Track) Accountability Training.

It was a great call – the Site Senior VP from a Nuclear facility spoke about how ‘OZ’ (how he referred to The Oz Principle) has made such a dramatic difference. He was brought in specifically to turn this site around – it was one of the worst performing nuclear sites in America. They started in March 2015 with The Oz Principle Accountability Training and now (end of 2016) they are high in the top quartile of performance for similar plants. He stated that there are only about 10 in the country better than they are right now and they are nipping at their heels quickly!

He also shared stories of people taking ownership for finding new cost-savings including one specific example that will save easily USD $1.5M per year – this was thought of, researched, engineered and implemented from the front-line employees, not Management! This site supported this from a Leadership perspective to be sure that they were ‘ALL IN’ and that this would not be viewed as an initiative (HR or otherwise) or flavor of the month. The language and models of Accountability taught in The Oz Principle were readily understood and adopted by employees at all levels, not just the Management (white collar), and is now part of all of their DNA – they include it in every single meeting, town hall, and communication that they do. The employees at all levels now show a distinctly higher level of ownership. The site collectively is now achieving “unprecedented results” including the longest stretch of zero OSHA recordables in their history! It can readily be argued that there is no result more important than safety!

In short, the Site VP is extremely passionate about how transformative an experience this was and is incredibly excited to be able to say that this was not just a Management or Leadership effort – they got everybody engaged, empowered and taking ownership in the transformation and in the result. His key recommendations were, and he acknowledged that this would be best practice for anything (e.g. Continuous Improvement, LEAN, Six Sigma, etc.) is to: 1) Be ‘ALL IN’, don’t do this half@ssed, and 2) Get the Leadership fully engaged in modeling this so that it is not an ‘initiative’ or seen as the ‘flavor of the month’.

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